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Bellington Academy – Well Smacked Seat

Three schoolgirls line up before their teacher, Miss Mathews, who tells them, more in sorrow than in anger, that they have let themselves down, by being caught shop-lifting. They must now face the consequences. She makes the first girl, Jane, remove her skirt and knickers and submits her to firm over-the-knee spanking, first with her hand, then with a hairbrush. Jane’s squeals ring around the classroom and she kicks her legs in the air as the spanking proceeds.

Full Movie Well Smacked Seat ‘Bellington Academy’ (43 min) Sarah (Aleesha Fox), Christine (Chloe), Jane (Danielle Hunt), Miss Elsa Svenson, Miss Mathews (Clara Hewitt)

Aleesha Fox, Chloe, Clara Hewitt, Danielle Hunt, Miss Elsa Svenson

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