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Caned in Jodhpurs

Pandora Blake, Thomas Cameron, Zille Defeu

Zille wrote this edgy fantasy for her first shoot with us. Caught up in domestic discord, a young stablegirl is molested and unfairly punished by the master of the house, then caned alongside his wife.

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Zille Defeu sent us this fantasy before our first shoot with her. She wanted to play a stablehand unfairly punished over her jodhpurs, and came up with this scenario. The master of the house disciplines her with a riding crop for not performing her duties in a timely manner – and Zille is powerless to resist his amorous advances.

When Thomas’ wife walks in and sees him fondling one of the servants, Pandora assumes that Zille has seduced him. She demands that the slutty stablegirl be soundly whipped. Never mind that poor Zille has been thrashed once already! Pandora watches with relish as Zille is given a hard caning over her jodhpurs.

But the truth will out. When Zille finally speaks up for herself, she reveals that the reason she was lax with her duties was that she was running errands for Pandora – who it turns out is having an affair. Thomas decides that a comparable thrashing is only fair, and blackmails his wife into compliance. As Pandora bends over for the cane, Zille looks on with no small amount of satisfaction.

Photography: Duncan Defeu

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