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HD Films – NS Sweethearts: Ginger Sparks – Northernspanking


Sneaking in at the end of the month is our Northern Spanking Sweetheart for February!

Weare very proud to announce that this monthas honor goes to Ginger Sparks. Ginger was the very first model that Northern Spanking worked with upon relocating to the US, and sheas the first model that Alex ever directed, so sheas very special to us!

Ginger talks about her first spanking experiences, how her kink developed over time, some of her favorite scenes sheas done, her vanilla interests, and lets us know what she thinks the meanest implement that should be banned forever is.

When we finished chatting, we took some beautiful photographs to celebrate Ginger, her feisty attitude, her infectious smile, and her absolutely perfect butt.

Of course, Ginger gets spanked by Paul, who decides to be particularly mean to her.

Weare so happy to have had the chance to work with Ginger over the past six years, and Weare proud to call her a Northern Spanking Sweetheart.

Ginger Sparks, Paul Kennedy





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