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Learning Her Manners – Universal Spanking and Punishments

Caroline Adams (ShySky) is usually well behaved and loved by those around her. However, as we’ve explored her story (“The Spanking Confession of Caroline Adams” and “Justice is Served”) it’s clear to see that this girl can showcase poor behavior,…behavior that earns her a very sore and red bottom. In this particular situation, we get a glimpse inside the home life of Caroline, and one of those rare instances where she carelessly only thought of herself. We find out that after having gone out for an evening, Caroline carelessly left the family car on empty, stranding her Dad out in the blistering cold. Caroline doesn’t want to believe that she’s going to have to endure a long spanking from her Father, but when he walks through that door and begins scolding her she knows darn well that that the discussion with Daddy is going to take a painful turn.

The spanking starts out over her Dad’s knee with beautiful Caroline in her tight jeans. The punishment progresses to Caroline taking the leather belt firmly as she lays over a chair. Next, Caroline is instructed to pull down her jeans and to go back over the knee for more strict hand spanking over her panties, and then those panties are pulled down so Father can really fire up that disrespectful behind. Caroline is embarrassed and humiliated, thoughts run through her mind and the burning heat intensifies! She wishes that she had made better choices, and she wonders if anyone can see in the windows? The belt is brought out again to the dismay of Caroline as she is stood up, bent over a chair, and given very hard licks that truly remind her why punishment should be avoided at all costs. A second strap, a thick one, is also applied to her naked bottom as well, this would be a spanking that Caroline would never forget!

As the punishment went along Caroline could tell that her Father was truly upset, she had only had spankings like this from him maybe once or twice before. When he brought out the paddles Caroline cringed, she had taken swats in school recently, and she knew that there would be a lot more of them than what she received in the office. Caroline braced herself, though her heart sank when she learned that the swats would come from not one, but two paddles,…one made of lexan and the other of very hard wood. Finally, to drive the lesson home, Caroline would have to take strokes from two canes. Those strokes lit a fire on the bare cheeks of Caroline and she certainly never left the car on empty again,…in fact, from there on out she often made sure that when she drove the car was left on full!

Shy Sky

Universal Spanking and Punishments

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