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Never Late to Work Again – Universal Spanking and Punishments

Ten Amorette has a unique situation, she still gets spanked at home. As seen in “Moving Back Home” and “Never Leaving Home”, Ten has agreed to regular spankings from her step-father, in exchange for his guidance, wisdom, and a place to stay. In her new situation, Ten has shown great success, seeing her life come together in remarkable ways, she’s even been promoted at work! However, in the last week or so Ten has been showing up to work late, in fact several times, and that is out of character for her these days. Ten’s step-father noticed her leaving late for work for than one and decided to call her boss (Mr. Raleigh), in fact her step-father made an unusual request,…he asked Mr. Raleigh to spank Ten at work! Mr. Raleigh thought about things, and once he heard the progress that Ten had made through receiving strict corporal punishment, he agreed to spank Ten at the office. Ten was shocked, but she didn’t put it past her step-dad to reach out to Mr. Raleigh, in fact her step-father even sent several implements over to Mr. Raleigh so he could really scorch Ten’s behind for her recent punctuality problems.

Ten is instructed to bend over the desk and the spanking begins with her in a cute red dress, though it is soon pulled up exposing a very lovely bottom, one that Mr. Raleigh will enjoy smacking! Ten’s boss isn’t pleased with her being late either, and his frustration can be felt as the spanking keeps getting harder and harder, changing the color of Ten’s bared behind. Ten’s beautiful derriere is already hurting a lot when Mr. Raleigh begins using a leather slapper on Ten, she hates the sting that it causes and that it makes her fight back tears. A heavy and thick leather paddle is used next, and the swats ring out loud in the office, not only will Ten have a hard time sitting down, but the entire office is going to know what happened!!!

The last two implements are dreadful for Ten, first she takes blazing strokes with a reformatory strap, and then she must endure a long set of swats with a wooden paddle. Those paddle swats blaze Ten’s tender rear, she now feels as if she could be spanked anywhere and at any time. Both implements are incredibly painful, surely Ten will be refocused after this punishment, as it seems she’ll now be spanked at home AND at work when it’s deserved!

Ten Amorette

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