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Never Leaving Home – Universal Spanking and Punishments

In the video “Moving Back Home” we met Ten Amorette, a girl looking to move back home to stay with her Step-Dad once times got tough for her. Her Step-Father was willing to let her return, but he didn’t want to face the pitfalls of their previous home life and Ten would have to agree to strict discipline to move back in her old room. When Step-Father and Step-Daughter made their agreement for her to return, she was spanked right then and there,…and she finally willingly accepted the caring discipline that her step-father had always offered.

Now, in “Never Leaving Home” we catch up with Ten Amorette, and her life has changed. She’s been doing very well living with the strict rules at home, and she’s been advancing in her career, in fact,…she’s been offered a new job! After months of regular corporal punishment and good living, her career is booming and we get to see the last scheduled weekly punishment for Ten before her new life begins.

Ten’s spanking starts out with her Step-Dad’s hand smacking her firm bottom. She can feel the sting through her tight blue jeans and the heat intensifies when she must pull them down and only a thin pair of panties protects her buns. Next, Ten’s Step-Dad uses her own leather belt on her bottom, followed up by licks on her bare cheeks with a long handled leather slapper! The pain hurts Ten’s tender bottom, but she’s come to expect these type of sessions since moving back home, and honestly they’ve done her some good! A solid leather paddle is then used on her glowing cheeks, certainly Ten despises the spankings, but she appreciates the lessons that they teach each and every time.

The weekly punishment continues when a long Canadian prison strap is used to sizzle Ten’s exposed backside, but nothing can ever prepare her for naked punishment, and how the razor strap always makes her struggle! The final part of her spanking involves many swats with a wooden paddle. The paddle seems to always make Ten the most sore, but she’s come to respect the board as a tool for learning. In a shocking surprise for her Step-Father as things were wrapping up, Ten divulged that the job offered to her out of state was also available a couple of towns over. It’ll be up to Ten and her Step-Dad at this point to decide the best options for her, and if she’d do better and have a brighter future staying at home.

Ten Amorette

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