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Thieving Troublemakers Punished – Cheerleaderspankings

When the Cheer Coach sends his girls to The School Principal, it is for serious offenses that can shatter team morale. Ava and Lily are two well known divas in the squad… but this time they have gone too far! Turning up late to practice and without their uniforms they take 2 spares belonging to fellow team member, Rebecca. She was upset that they broke into her locker. This is why The Principal is now scolding them both for their disrespect of property and the good of the team. Their attitude stinks, claiming it was just a practice, but morale is low and a competition is near… the girls need to be taught a lesson. Ava is first, taken over the lap of Principal Rogers as his hard hand smacks her tight bottom, making her squirm and kick her legs. This wasn’t the exercise she needed! Worse is to come as her orange sports panties are pulled down, revealing a darkening red sore bottom as he continues to spank Ava on the bare, in front of Lily who is made to watch. It is Lily’s turn next, the anticipation of what was to come must have made things worse as the poor girl howls and complains throughout her entire, enbarrassing spanking. Their punishment is far from over as the Reformatory Strap had been on his table, waiting for the girls. They are are bent over, in turn, to receive the full force of this thick, nasty leather correctional implement! By the end of their punishment, both girls are left to nurse very sore bottoms. The Prinicpal tells them they will go and apologize to Rebecca, handing back the uniforms they took without permission… showing what happens to those that break the rules. Morale will be restored at all costs!

Ava Nyx, Lily Swan, Paul Rogers


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