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A European Adventure Part 9 – Well Spanked Bottom

If Liliana thought she had gotten away with giving the shopkeeper a verbal apology that week she was sorely mistaken.

It was the weekend and the girls had spent all day in their punishment outfits. They expected they would be receiving a spanking for having broken the rules during the week. However they were soon horrified to learn that I had invited the shopkeeper round to witness how we dealt with errant behaviour in our household!

The shopkeeper arrived, and I ushered her in. Needless to say she was very surprised by what I had invited her for. But I could only imagine her attending meant that she was as keen as we were to ensure the young ladies’ behaviours were kept in check.

Seated in the guest chair, the shopkeeper had a front row seat to the events which unfolded right before her very eyes. One by one the young ladies were summoned, knickers lowered, and guided over the knee for a firm seeing to.

I believe that by the end of that day there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that the young ladies had learnt their lesson. The shame and embarrassment on their faces was clear as they stood in front of our guest. I can but imagine how horrid it must have been for them to have been seen being treated like naughty young girls! But as we all know I firmly believe that the best lessons are learned on a well spanked bottom!

Rose Cavendish

A European Adventure, Well Spanked Bottom

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