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Welcome to Spanked and Diapered!

We’re so excited to be bringing you the first site dedicated to both the spanking and diaper fetishes. From the producers of Northern Spanking, this new site explores the intersection between old fashioned, over the knee spanking and embarrassing diaper discipline, with lots of ageplay, regression and hot, lesbian diaper sex thrown in, too!

You’ll see plenty of famous ABDL models here, plus stars of the spanking scene, some of whom are being put into diapers for the first time in their adult lives. Naughty little girls are punished by their mommies and daddies and girls who are certainly far too old for this treatment are put back into diapers to teach them a good lesson. There will be lots of wetting, both of panties and diapers, and plenty of spankings on wet bottoms.

We’re so excited to be here!