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You’re Still A Baby, Dorothy! – Spankedanddiapered

Alex Reynolds is babysitting her friend Dorothy. It’s her first time being asked to babysit, and she’s convinced that this makes her quite a grown up. She bosses her little friend around while she’s trying to play with toys quietly on the sofa, then goes off to find something to do. She returns a moment later with something she found in Dorothy’s room: a bag of Pampers baby diapers. When she asks if the family has a new baby, Dorothy says no, which leads Alex to the conclusion that Dorothy must be the baby who still wears diapers. She teases and torments her friend about it until she comes up with an idea: if the diapers fit Dorothy, they must be hers.

She pushes Dorothy back to try to get her into a diaper and discovers that she isn’t wearing any panties…probably because she was wearing a diaper before and took it off. After further teasing her, and shoving a pacifier into her mouth, she powders Dorothy up and then diapers her in the baby diaper. It fits adorably, but Dorothy doesn’t think so. She’s so embarrassed. Things get worse when Alex lifts her lefts and spanks her in the diaper position for lying about not being a baby. Dorothy insists that Alex can’t spank her, but that doesn’t stop her. She pulls Dorothy over her lap so she can “spank her properly”, making her bottom bright red and sore. Finally, Dorothy admits that she is a baby in order to make the spanking stop. Poor little Dorothy!

Alex Reynolds, Dorothy Burnett

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