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Saerock Spanking

I’m a 5’0” Japanese girl that is spanked very often for various reasons. I happened to film my punishment the other day and decided to share. I’ll be uploading a video whenever I am punished by my partner as he says it is part of the punishment. I’m a small Japanese spankee here to post videos of my sessions. Real spanking clips taken during real punishment sessions.


A Fix For Selfishness – Saerock Spanking

A “light” spanking for selfish behavior and too much pouting. In my opinion, it was not light at all… Implements used: hand, wooden paddle, mini paddle, jump rope, tawse. 自分勝手な言動が増えていたので「軽い」お仕置きを受けました。決して軽くないと感じましたが、今は黙っていようと思います・・・ 道具:手、木製パドル、ミニパドル、縄跳び、トォーズ。 …

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