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Hey there! Now a 30 something year old woman who’s been doing this whole spanking thing for a very long time. If you’re wanting an update, I’m a professional disciplinarian (MissKelleyMay), business consultant, and mental health professional. I’m active in the spanking community and I run the Texas All State Spanking Party. I am currently living in the UK with my fiance, and am loving my life I get spanked every single day, what more could I want.

For those of you who might not know me, I am a 21 year old, soon to be college graduate, bi-sexual, who is a life long spanko. This is my life and my love, and I have known my entire life. I run a blog called The Confessions of a Spanked Princess where you can find mussings and stories and lots of photos from my life for the past… almost 3 years now. My love of spanking, while wide ranging, is centered in a domestic discpline type spanking. BDSM can be fun, but it is not my main focus by any means.

If I had my way, I would wake up every morning next to the man I love and he would pull me over his lap and bare my bottom and give me a good spanking to remind me to be his good girl that day. Then, in addition to any spankings I might (and would) get during the day, I would get a bedtime spanking (either good girl or naughty) depending on my behavior that day… yeah, I really like spanking…

Princess Kelley