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Once upon a time there was a cute girl called Lucy in a land far far away surrounded by beautiful beaches and coastline. She loved the water dearly and was secretly very kinky.

One day she took the brave step of mixing these favourite passions of hers. She made some videos for fun which were loved throughout the kingdom. This made her so excited and she had the most marvellous time making them, so went mad and designed a whole site just for kinky wet fuckery and spankings!

All about me revealling my kinky side and my exploration into the wonderful world of fetish. If you get turned on by bondage, bdsm, spanking, gags, breath play, latex, PVC or rubber then you’ve come to the right place! My videos are guaranteed to be hot and extra kinky.

Yes I’m cute but I’m also mega kinky! Lucy Lauren

Uk Cute Girl Absolutely loving producing high quality HD custom clips at the moment!