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A Spanking Carol – Hand-spanking

Ena has come to dislike Christmas, even though she used to enjoy the holiday. Can the spirit of Christmas teach her a lesson?

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Skipping School Pt.1 – Hand-spanking

Tae and her classmate Ena get caught skipping school by Tae’s mother. When Tae returns home, a strict over-the-knee spanking is in order!

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Skipping School Pt.2 – Hand-spanking

Tae’s spanking is followed by her friend Ena’s punishment. Ena is given a stern spanking by Tae’s mother while Tae watches.

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Graduation thesis – Hand-spanking

Ena, a college student, who is using Spanking as the theme of her graduation thesis. She rents an android for her laboratory use to complish the thesis. https://file.al/muyr7nug9kn2/THESIS1_HD.mp4.html?referer=ataspanking.com https://file.al/pgmlun8aqypi/THESIS2_HD.mp4.html?referer=ataspanking.com

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