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Hello, I am a part of the Summer People Circus! I am a human pet of Mr. U and we love being a big kinky family. I am a naughty college student who gets off on the thought of all you guys watching my videos. Some of my biggest kinks are pet play, spanks, piss play, dress up, electro and CNC. I love being a human pet, it has made all of my biggest dreams and fantasies come true! I love being able to cuddle up with Master and all of the pets I get. It is a wonderful side of me that I will never get rid of and that I hope you enjoy watching. Some of my favorite videos to make are of me being a cute little kitty. Master and I love making diverse videos and talking to our Perv friends. We will work hard to make the videos that you want!

Rardysexuality. Lil Kitty Theory!