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Hand-spanking is an Japanese adult entertainment New Category offering girl-girl hand spanking. We offer hundred of original video clips.

If you love gorgeous,naughty Japanese girls being spanked, this is the Category just for you.

Disciplining naughty doctor – Hand-spanking

Kanon is a young, proud, and selfish doctor. Shoko, a veteran nurse decides to teach her a lesson when the doctor utters abusive words to her patient. https://file.al/dym7mvdcdukx/NAUGHTYDOC1_HD.mp4.html?referer=ataspanking.com https://file.al/zlvfjbd7vu75/NAUGHTYDOC2_HD.mp4.html?referer=ataspanking.com

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Graduation thesis – Hand-spanking

Ena, a college student, who is using Spanking as the theme of her graduation thesis. She rents an android for her laboratory use to complish the thesis. https://file.al/muyr7nug9kn2/THESIS1_HD.mp4.html?referer=ataspanking.com https://file.al/pgmlun8aqypi/THESIS2_HD.mp4.html?referer=ataspanking.com

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Who is happier? – Hand-spanking

Yuki and Erika both are housewives living in the same condo. One day they talk and Yuki shows an interest in the spanking Erika gets from her husband. https://file.al/jel3h73v3k28/HAPPIER1_HD.mp4.html?referer=ataspanking.com https://file.al/kp7fu0kj2lf3/HAPPIER2_HD.mp4.html?referer=ataspanking.com …

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