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Disciplining naughty doctor – Hand-spanking

Kanon is a young, proud, and selfish doctor. Shoko, a veteran nurse decides to teach her a lesson when the doctor utters abusive words to her patient. https://file.al/dym7mvdcdukx/NAUGHTYDOC1_HD.mp4.html?referer=ataspanking.com https://file.al/zlvfjbd7vu75/NAUGHTYDOC2_HD.mp4.html?referer=ataspanking.com

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Hypnotic Spanking II – Hand-spanking

Hypnotic Spanking II Shoko and Nao are coworkers. On their day off they chat in Nao’s room. Nao starts talking about hypnotism. https://file.al/tkqsfjwer4de/HYPNOTIC2_1HD.mp4.html?referer=ataspanking.com https://file.al/aupti64th7ls/HYPNOTIC2_2HD.mp4.html?referer=ataspanking.com https://file.al/btfmm3hnektw/HYPNOTIC2_3HD.mp4.html?referer=ataspanking.com

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