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Who is happier? – Hand-spanking

Yuki and Erika both are housewives living in the same condo. One day they talk and Yuki shows an interest in the spanking Erika gets from her husband. https://file.al/jel3h73v3k28/HAPPIER1_HD.mp4.html?referer=ataspanking.com https://file.al/kp7fu0kj2lf3/HAPPIER2_HD.mp4.html?referer=ataspanking.com …

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Taking turns – Hand-spanking

Mother and daughter have a visit from the daughter’s aunt. The daughter damaged her aunt’s car the previous day. Her angry aunt and mother take turns spanking her severely. https://file.al/loo6uf13tuox/TAKINGTURNS1_HD.mp4.html?referer=ataspanking.com …

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