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Not How A Big Girl Acts – Spankedanddiapered

We’re so excited to welcome Cleo Divine to the cast of Spanked and Diapered! In this adorable Mommy/little girl video, Mommy Alex Reynolds comes in to check on Cleo, who was supposed to be packing up after their vacation. Cleo is instead lounging on the bed playing games. Alex is disappointed in this behavior but is especially upset when Cleo tells her that she likes it better when Alex does jobs like this for her, then throws a small tantrum when her mommy insists that she is big enough to do it herself.

Throwing fits and complaining about chores are not how a big girl acts in this household, so Alex has just the way to teach her naughty little one a lesson. First, Cleo goes over her lap for a hard spanking on her cute little girl panties, and then on her bare bottom. Then, Mommy orders Cleo to lay down on the bed. It’s time for diaper discipline. Act like a baby, lose your big girl privileges!

Alex powders Cleo and then tapes her into a My Diaper diaper. She makes sure all the edges are tucked in: Cleo is going to wear her diaper on the airplane home as a reminder of what it’s like to be a little girl, since she wasn’t interested in behaving like a big girl!

Cleo gets little immediately when she’s diapered, playing with the hem of her dress in a way that’s adorable and authentic. When she’s all padded up, Mommy snuggles up with her to help calm her down and take care of her.

Alex Reynolds, Cleo Divine

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