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The Spanking She’ll Never Forget – Universal Spanking and Punishments

Reyna St. Clair took her fair share of spankings in high school and at home. She was often well behaved, however there were those times where she needed bare bottom discipline, that was normal for a girl. At school she had received corporal punishment from more than one teacher, the principal, and her coach. Some of the spankings she would remember, other ones just blended together in her memory, but there was one spanking near the end of senior year that would change her life!

Reyna didn’t tell a lot of people, but she had a huge crush on a girl named Kimber. Reyna would always look out for her and she hoped that one day she could muster up the courage to tell her love interest how much she was into her. Anyways, Kimber broke some rules during senior year and Reyna found out that her crush was going to have to take a hard spanking! Coach was scheduled to give the punishment, but Reyna stepped in and convinced coach that Kimber was too weak and frail and that she should take her licks instead. With hesitance Coach agreed, though he would only do this once for Kimber, while Reyna was certain that her courage would win the girl’s heart.

It’s not easy baring your bottom for a spanking from your Coach, especially when you’re innocent of doing anything wrong. Reyna would end up having to take every single smack that Kimber would have gotten, so that meant a long hand spanking in her panties and on the bare. Coach had a hand that always stung, and Reyna had become all too familiar with it over the past few years. She’d also have to endure swats with a leather paddle and a wooden paddle one right after the other! Those naked buns were bouncing from the pops and Reyna couldn’t wait to get the punishment over with so she could tell Kimber how heroic she had been. Sure enough Kimber was super thankful that Reyna had taken her punishment, in fact she invited Reyna over to her house that weekend for a sleepover. Good things would happen from there and Reyna would always look back on that spanking as the one that changed her life forever!

Reyna St. Clair

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