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Mommy Adriana Punishes Bedwetter Dorothy – Spankedanddiapered

Little Dorothy Burnett thinks that she’s been very clever. She had already been put to bed by her mommy, Adriana Evans, but almost as soon as she fell asleep…she wet the bed. This has been a big problem for Dorothy lately, and mommy has been making her wear diapers as a result. Dorothy doesn’t want mommy to find out and put her in a diaper, so she changes her clothes and changes the sheets on her bed, hoping that she can get back to sleep unnoticed.

But Adriana heard her making noise and noticed the light on in her little girl’s room, so she comes in, wearing her own silky pajamas, to see what Dorothy is up to. She sees through her plan immediately, but Dorothy won’t admit to anything. She insists that she just felt like a change. When mommy gives her one last chance to tell the truth, Dorothy shyly admits that she wet the bed.

Adriana is not impressed that Dorothy tried to lie to her, and she knows that Dorothy knows that bed wetters have to wear diapers to sleep. She scolds and lectures her little girl, then puts Dorothy over her knee for a spanking, first on her cat printed panties, and then on her bare bottom. Dorothy kicks her little feet the whole time, struggling against mommy’s punishing hand.

When Adriana is sure that Dorothy has learned a lesson, it’s time for her to be diapered for bed. She puts her little girl in a Bambino diaper, but not before she thoroughly powders her princess parts and spanked bottom. Once Dorothy is properly diapered, Adriana gives her a hug and tucks her into bed.

This video is too cute for words. Dorothy’s littlespace shines here, and Adriana is the perfect mommy who every little one dreams of: sweet and loving, but strict and stern– and very serious about keeping you in diapers!

Adriana Evans, Dorothy Burnett

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