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Alex Reynolds, Kitty Catherine – Wet Bed, Spanked Bottom – Spankedanddiapered

Little Kitty Catherine is recovering from having been sick. Her parents have hired a nurse, Alex Reynolds, to take care of her while she’s away from school. She is doing much better now, but is still taking medication that makes her sleep very soundly, so she tends to wet the bed. Therefore, nurse Alex diapers Kitty before bed each night. This morning, Kitty wakes up and discovers that her bed is soaking wet: she snuck her diaper off and put on a pair of little panties and she had an accident and wet the bed. When her nurse comes in to get her up for the day, she discovers Kitty’s soaked bed and lectures her about why she needs to wear diapers, to listen, and to obey.

She makes her kneel up and show off her panties, which are absolutely drenched. She then spanks her charge on her wet panties, then pulls them down and spanks her bare bottom. The spanking hurts and Kitty is so embarrassed that she begins to cry real tears as she’s punished. When Alex has finished disciplining Kitty, she announces that because Kitty would not wear her diaper last night, she is going to wear it all day instead. She then puts her into a pink pony diaper before stripping her Hello Kitty nightgown off to leave her exposed and dressed only in her diaper while she changes the sheets and looks for clean clothes for Kitty.

Alex Reynolds, Kitty Catherine

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