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Born to Be Sore – Universal Spanking and Punishments

In “Strict House Rules”, Kiki Cali was searching for her real Dad and a place to stay for awhile. However, what she found was a caring man who would provide her with love, and some much needed discipline!

In “Born to Be Sore” we delve deeper into the bond being formed between Kiki and Mr. Kinter (the man who may very well be her Dad!). Mr. Kinter is trying his best to steer Kiki back on the right path as she’s now living at his home, it’s not easy for her to follow all of the new rules though, but she’s doing her best. One thing that she’s been having trouble with is following through with tasks,…and she’s also been displaying bouts of sass. Mr. Kinter tries to get Kiki to focus on getting an internship, but she struggles with the challenge and she even talks back, of course that leads to some stern punishment and painful licks with the strap!

Kiki is instructed to get into position on a bench, she’s placed on all fours and Mr. Kinter lays into her bottom with a hard hand spanking! Eventually, Kiki is spanked bare bottom and submitting the punishment, but Mr. Kinter is determined to make sure that a lesson or two is taught so he decides to take the belt to Kiki so she’ll be sore for days! Clearly the corporal punishment was working, Kiki’s behavior had been improving, but Mr. Kinter wanted to make sure that there was some real progress, so he laid in several strokes of the belt very hard, causing the girl to regret her poor behavior.

Mr. Kinter had planned to wrap up the punishment with a strapping, one where Kiki would have to present her bare bottom while laying flat over the bench. The strap strokes would burn and Kiki would feel a sense of true regret. However, the stinging sensation to Kiki’s behind caused her to lash out at Mr. Kinter and he was not pleased. Would Kiki be allowed to stay at his house after the outburst, would Kiki receive more intense corporal punishment for her bad behavior, and would the girl find out if Mr. Kinter was truly her real Dad?

Kiki Cali

Universal Spanking and Punishments

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