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I assume you have, and that fantasies of this type often wander into your head. That’s why you are †now visiting my page, isn’t it? You have secret fantasies — fantasies you have been having for years — and are curious about acting them out. Perhaps you need to be taught a lesson Fifties-style… or be told to stand in the corner, with a sore bottom and your trousers around your ankles. Do you crave corporal punishment on the bare bottom? Your pants pulled down to your knees and your bare bottom punished slowly to begin with, then harder and harder, with each firm stroke burning just a little more.… as the punitive implement used becomes progressively more severe..… Be careful what you wish for. Acting out those secret fantasies could leave you with a very sore bottom indeed, particularly if you have been on the receiving end of the ultimate sanction, dreaded by generations of English schoolchildren — the cane

Welcome to Miss Elsa Svenson’s world, Wellsmackedseat

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