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1940’s Discipline – Scene 4 – Sarahgregoryspanking

Scene Four: The two eldest girls, Rebecca and Caroline, are dealt with by the hands of Miss Baker and Mrs. Ridley. The girls are not punished by their own stepmothers but by the other maternal figures in the house… making for a more memorable, embarrassing punishment. The reason for this discipline was that they both decided to steal library books to sell them at a local antique shop to buy new clothes, including tight pencil skirts and girdles. The shopkeeper realized what the young madams were up to and came over to the house to inform Samantha and Felicity. They agree to deal with matters the old-fashioned way so as to not involve the police and later that evening both naughty young ladies are given a strict maternal spanking. They are spanked with the Mason and Pearson hairbrush over their pencil skirts, their girdles, panties, and finally across the bare bottom. Of course, they get the backs of their thighs smacked too before being sent to the wall for a lengthy time-out to reflect on their misdeeds.

Clara Hewitt, Laura Lux, Miss Bernadette, Rachel Adams, Sarah Gregory

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