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A Family Affair – Sarahgregoryspanking

Luna does some investigative work on her new stepmother as she suspects she is sneaking around behind her dad’s back. She finds the necessary evidence and then takes it upon herself to confront Amber and spank her… just she has been spanked. She will deal with her stepmother the way she wants to if Amber doesn’t want to be tattled on. However, whilst Amber is over Luna’s lap getting a humiliating punishment for her affair, dad walks in on the shocking sight of his daughter spanking his new wife. He sends Amber away after he is told of the reason why his wife is being punished and promises to deal with her later. First, he spanks his precious girl, Luna, as this is not how she should behave. If she has a problem with her stepmom she needs to discuss it with him. Later that day, John deals with his naughty wife in private for her promiscuous behavior. He spanks her on their bed, over his lap, until her beautiful bouncing booty is a gorgeous deep glowing red. The upshot of this is that John realizes just how much he loves his wife and also promises to be a better husband in the future, being attentive to her needs and paying more attention to her glorious bottom!

Amber Dawn, John Osborne, Luna Lain

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