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A Gagged Spanking for Jodi Rudegirl – Punishments Only

I am both a friend and disciplinarian to Jodi. A very sweet girl who doesn’t always make the best decisions, I lent her $300 some months back to help her out. I wasn’t wanting or expecting to get paid back any time soon, but I did make very clear that I wanted her to stay in touch. As both her friend and disciplinarian, I wanted to make sure she was making good decisions … Suffice it to say, she wasn’t making good decisions. And even worse, she was flaking on me! I’d been trying to get in touch with her for a couple months now, and would occasionally get very short responses about how she’s going to pay me back soon. I kept telling her it wasn’t about that – I wanted to check in with her and see how she’s doing, where she’s living etc … When finally she says we should meet for a drink, the first thing she wants to do is give me $300 cash. I explained for the 837th time that I wasn’t in a rush to get paid back, but I was concerned about her well being. And with good reason, it turned out, as she’s still not in the best place and very much in need of guidance. I told her that I wouldn’t accept the money because I know she needs it, but if clearing her debt was important to her, I just very recently started making spanking videos and said we should make one together. I was planning on giving her a more severe spanking, but as I said, she’s not in the best place right now. Normally she has an above average pain tolerance, but clearly the stress is really getting to her because of the almost dozen times I’ve spanked her before, I’ve never seen her react so adversely right away from a hand spanking … The face cam version is longer because it includes a few minutes of her needing to cry it out and be comforted before finishing up with a 30 second hand spanking at the end. I did cut out a few minutes of this where she talked about sensitive personal issues, but if you like genuine reactions, this is as real as it gets. Both versions begin with a 3 and a half minute lecture with jodi on her knees, followed by a 20 second time lapse to show the full five minutes she spent in the corner, but condensed down into 20 seconds. Both versions also include aftercare after the 30 second spanking at the end … For a longer trailer, check spankingtube.

Jodi Rudegirl

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