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A Lesson in Party Etiquette – Punishments Only

If you’ve never been to a national spanking party, they’re a lot of fun and I highly recommend going to one. That said, if you go to one, be aware that there are still vanillas staying in the same hotels, and it reflects poorly on our group when one or two of us are running around the hotel lobby bar acting like the perverts we all are. If hotels think their non spanko guests are going to be uncomfortable in the hotel bar with us, they might not let us return the following year. Which brings me to Aria.

Don’t be like Aria. Against her better judgement, Aria was running around and smacking her friends’ butts like a girl in high school. Well dressed professional people — who were there for a conference that did not involve fetishes — were looking at her with understandable annoyance. The bar tender and other staff were clearly uncomfortable. Multiple times, Anna and I told her that she needed to stop being so inappropriate in such a public setting. We specifically warned her that she was about to get taken upstairs and given a spanking with no warm up, and she was going to be scolded while she was punished. We promised her it wouldn’t be ANY fun.

Poor Aria thought we were bluffing with our threat, and were overreacting. So being the foolish girl that she is, she didn’t heed our warnings and continued her immature behavior. Enough is enough: Anna and I take her upstairs, pull down her pants, and spank the daylights out of her while we scold her for jeopardizing our ability to use that hotel again (and they gave us a pretty great group discount rate).

Aria Lennox, Loren, Miss Anna

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