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A Playful Caning Session – Highland Manor House

This clip is different from anything else Highland Manor House have filmed together. It was taken from a session Mistress Scarlet gave Bella before she was her Mistress. One of the very first times Bella had been caned. It is far more gentle than any of the submissive work she does today, but these sessions with Mistress Scarlet played a very big part in why Bela enjoys such a hard caning today. Mistress Scarlet talks to Bella and teases her, telling the girl what she’s about to do to her poor bottom. Bella tells her Mistress that she’s scared. The caning begins and Bella says “Thank you ‘Step-Mummy'” after each stroke. Mistress Scarlet tells her she’s a very good girl and that she’s being very brave. This clip isn’t severe or brutal – it is very genuine and real. It is clear that both Mistress Scarlet and Bella enjoyed this scene. The clip finishes with Mistress Scarlet asking Bella what kind of reward she’d like. “What do you want to give me?” She replies. “You just answered a question with a question, my girl,” Mistress Scarlet teases. I think it’s very obvious what kind of reward Bella received for taking her punishment so well.

Bella Bird, Mistress Scarlet

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