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A Private Lesson – Kelly Payne Collection

This is a good one guys!! I think your going to like it. A young lady I have been tutoring has been misbehaving. Not only does she think she’s smart with her fresh mouth She thinks she can answer me back and disrespect me And get away with it. She finds out quickly that her bad behavior will not be tolerated. After being made to spank hers elf which she doesn’t do very well. I show her what a real spanking is across my knee. Then she is punished anally with vibrating eggs and toys. Still not satisfied she i earned her lesson she is marched into the bedroom, told to get the strap off the wall she is then strapped with a leather belt. Finally her ass is fucked with 2 different strap-ons. and she receives an ass fucking she will never forget.

Elody, Kelly Payne

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