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A Roll of the Dice 4K – Carnal Productions, Highland Manor House

Since we all enjoyed our previous sadistic game, we have new one in store. This one will involve a set of dice, a very special and particular set. With every roll of the dice, your fate will be decided. What happens to you will be down to pure luck and change.

Flogger on Back of Legs
Mistress Roxy bends slave Mila over the bench, and uses her flogger repeatedly on the back of Mila’s legs, to her obvious discomfort. Mistress Roxy commands that she stands still and takes her fate.

Hand on Tits
Mistress Scarlet instructs slave Bella to remove her bra and she stands behind her. Reaching around, and using her leather gloved hands, she relatedly slaps Bella’s bare breasts with her hands, until they are bright pink and sore. Bella winches, but takes her punishment.

Paddle on Ass and Belt on Ass
Mila is on the frame and Bella over the bench. Mistress Rox punishes her slave girl with the paddle on her ass, over and over, as Mila moans for her Mistress. Mistress Scarlet removes her thick leather belt and, doubling it over, uses it on Bella’s waiting ass.

Hand on Back of Legs and Paddle on Back of Legs
With the slave girls side by side, their Mistresses use both the leather paddle and their hands on the girls, very sensitive, back of the legs. The slave girls moan and wince beside each other.

Cane on Ass
The slave girls are over the bench, side but side but in opposite directions. They are to share 30 strokes, receiving 15 each. With each Mistress at either side, they take turns to give their slave girl a strokes of their cane, as they are counted out.

I hope you enjoyed our little game as much as we did.

Bella Bird, Mila Grant, Miss Roxy, Mistress Scarlet

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