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Adara the Demon Slayer – Adaradigital

Adara the demon slayer arrives at the location of where Lilith, daughter of Satan (Christina Carter). Lilith is there waiting, ready to destroy Adara to gain back the respect of those in hell who think shes just a spoiled daddy’s girl. When Adara arrives immediately Lilith goes to use her powers against her but is unpleasantly surprised when none of her powers are working. Adara tells her she had put a protection spell on the house rendering Lilith powerless against her. They wrestle each other and Adara is over powering her. She picks her up carrying her around, spinning poor helpless Lilith in the air.

She folds Lilith into a humiliating position with her legs above her head and takes pictures of Satan’s pathetic daughter. When Lilith comes to she goes for the door but Adara snaps her fingers and all her clothes disappear. She pulls Lilith by the ear over her knees and gives her a spanking. The spanks her some more pulling Lilith’ ass up in the air. After another lift and carry Adara snaps her fingers and lilith becomes a baby. She then snaps her fingers again and Lilith is a monkey…. then a doggie. Adara leashes her doggie and walks around the room. She then goes to exit the building with her naked doggie crawling behind her. So much for gaining the respect of others…

Adara Jordin, Christina Carter

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