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After Curfew Spankings – The Dacey Harlot

Dacey just can’t get her act together. Late for the third time this month and tonight she’s just getting back at 2am! Obviously grounding her doesn’t work so we had to step up the punishment. Tonight she’s taking her pants off and getting over her Step-Daddy’s knee for a HARD lesson. Despite her fussing and complaining she strips her jeans off and panties and lays across his lap for her punishment to start. Spanking her ass hard her whimpers and pleads for it to stop do nothing but encourage him that this style of punishment might be working. Paddling her bottom with his hand so hard her little tushy turns from white to bright red. Dacey thrashes and kicks as she is being taught to be an obedient step-daughter. Finally she reaches a breaking point and begs and pleads for the punishment to stop, promising never to be late again, but he doesn’t stop, she yells out JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! This isn’t the language we allow in this house, time for the belt! Twelve lashes for foul language! Dacey come back to the room after fetching her Step-Daddy’s belt and is told to kneel on the chair for her lashes and count them out. Leather slaps against her already sore bottom and she squeals from the pain as she counts her lashes. By the time she gets to twelve she can hardly her the word out.

Dacey Harlot

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