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Amelia ‘Workshy’

Amelia Jane Rutherford was brought up in middle class Winchester where she enjoyed all the privileges of a family that cared for her and a fine education. She completed school with 5 A-levels and went to Oxford university to study law. Graduating with a 1st degree (Hons), Amelia joined a London firm and trained as a prosecutor of criminal law. However, introduction to the wrong people and a touch of greed soon turned Amelia into a prosecutor who could be bought, and criminals soon utilised this to get easier sentences, including Mrs Woods. Unfortunately the case against Mrs Woods was overwhelming and Amelia failed. Worried at first she may be attacked Amelia went into hiding, but time went past and no repercussions for her failure came her way. Before long she was up to her tricks again…however this time was arrested herself, after a tip-off…

Inside prison, Amelia’s attitude does not do her any favours and the screws waste no time in telling her how vulnerable a prosecution lawyer is in prison, particularly with Mrs Woods sharing the same wing….how will our Amelia survive?

Amelia Jane Rutherford, Lucy McLean, Stephen Lewis

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