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Sentence 10 year for manslaughter

Amy was brought up well and went to a good public school, where she was highly thought of due to her intelligence. However like so many of her kind she became restless and was always the centre of trouble in her later years at school. Despite her poor behavioural record, Amy did go to university, where she met her boyfriend. Upon graduating with a degree in English, Amy and her boyfriend went off to live together in London. Their relationship deteriorated and he became violent towards her. One day, however, Amy had had enough…


Inside Amy makes a fast friend with Leia, who admires her strength. They hook up together and Amy and Leia continue to ‘run the wing’ with very little protest from the other inmates. Just as the inmates need leia’s contacts on the outside for illicit supplies, Leia and Amy appear to both need each other as the only two serving a long sentence. Will they be allowed to remain together? Or will the guards ship one of them out?

Amy Hunter





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