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Anthea and Melissa’s Excellent Punishment part 2 – Eris Martinet Female Evil

Now is the time for the two young ladies ot come down and receive their deserts. Scolding, at length, prepares them mentally for what’s to come. They need to be broken down from their uppity demeanor. Little by little, they deflate and accept their fate: over the knee, bare bottom spanking. It’s what rude girls deserve! And of course Miss Martinet has just the cure for miscreants.

Eris Martinet, Kate Anne, Lucy Lauren

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  1. A few days after my sister’s letter and subsequent telephone conversations, my two nieces,Anthea and Melissa arrived at my house. After greeting them warmly,I allowed them to settle in,have some lunch and then unpack in their bedrooms before getting both of them together for a chat in the living room at around 4 o’clock. I’m not sure what they were expecting to happen during their visit, so I decided to come straight to the point about why they would be staying with me for the next few days. My friendly tone disappeared as I went through their Mother’s letter and outlined the general catalogue of misbehaviour.After a few protests of innocence,I was able to eventually extract confessions from both of my nieces and after drawing their attention to how much they had upset their Mother,I was even able to get them to agree that there should be consequences for this naughtiness.
    I reminded them of what had happened the last time I had disciplined them. They both remembered their spankings over my knee on the seat of their knickers and they looked suitably embarrassed by the memory but that embarrassment turned to a resigned horror as I outlined how I was going to deal with them during this visit. I explained that over the coming days I would be correcting each behavioural issue which my sister had chronicled and I would be doing that with multiple disciplinary measures,including lines,essays,letters of apology. There would also be classes to bring their studies back up to speed and yes,of course there would be more spankings. The real bombshell though, was when I announced that I was going to call upon my experiences in Switzerland and that the spankings would be applied to their bare bottoms. This bought howls of protest from the two of them. They were “too old” to be treated in this way but I was adamant and, after more discussion, eventually got them to see that these corrections had to be memorable and the only way for that to be the case was for knickers to be lowered. I closed the conversation by quoting my mentor back in Zurich who always said “The best lessons are always learned on the bare bottom”.
    As they sat contrite and subdued I told them that their first correction would be taking place that evening and I was going to start with an all encompassing punishment for a poor attitude. They would be receiving a knickers down,over the knee, bare bottom spanking,in my bedroom at 6.30 that evening.This would be followed by a very early bedtime to set them up for what I had planned for them the following day.
    I handed both young ladies a pair of navy cotton knickers,a white vest and knee length white socks and told them to go to their respective rooms to change.This was to be their disciplinary outfit for the evenings chastisement. I also told them to take their hair of their faces completely by wearing their hair in pigtails.When they had done this they were to sit quietly in their rooms thinking about the naughtiness that had led them to this unfortunate position. I then told them that at 6.30 they were to report to the living room.