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Ariel Anderssen Tied to the Post and Crotchroped – Full Film – FutileStruggles

Ariel kneels in front of the post with her hands clasped behind her head as instructed. She is instructed to open her mouth wide. I soon appear and strap a harness ball gag on her head. I help her to her feet and spend a little time manhandling and spanking her. I turn her around and tie her wrists around the post. I crotchrope her and then connect it to a pulley which pulls it up and out. I tie her hair around the post as well. Her elbows are tied together around the post as well. I use the pulley to really tighten the crotchrope, pulling Ariel’s hips out and up into a lovely arched position. Ariel is up on her tippy toes and this is really obvious when I remove her heels. This is where Part 1 ends.

This clip starts where Part 1 ended. Ariel is left to endure her bondage. I eventually return to clamp her nipples. The clamps are pulled tight and tied off to her crotchrope. I leave her once again. I return to finally loosen the crotchrope and Ariel’s knees drop from the relief of not being pulled to her tippy toes by a rope up her cunt. Her relief is somewhat shortlived as I tighten it and tie it off like a normal crotchrope. Her arms ae untied and I turn her around. I administer a few more ass slaps before ordering her to kneel facing the post once again.

Amelia Jane Rutherford


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