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Ophelia K’s Training – Tight Twine Hogtie – FutileStruggles

This clip is a compilation of the last 4 clips posted with the same name.
Clip is actually 1 hour, 26 minutes, and 52 seconds in duration
Brought to you by futilestruggles

Today we will see how she handles some tight twine bondage. Even though it is not easy and she has been sore Ophelia is ready for more. Today she is dressed in a skirt, blouse, and heels. I grope and manhandle her before ordering her into a few poses while I get things ready. After spending a few minutes posing for our enjoyment, I order her to strip to just panties and heels. She waits with her legs spread and arms behind her back. I manhandle her almost nude hot body for a short while before I bind her wrists behind her back with thin unforgiving twine. I leave her ungagged as I know you’ll enjoy watching her expressions as I bind her tits and administer a crotchtwine. This is where Part 1 ends.

I bind Ophelia with a few more lengths of twine, before turning her around and smacking her ass a few times. It was asking for it! Her tits get some attention as well before I continue binding her thighs with cinched wraps of the thin biting twine. I pull up a chair and Ophelia is excited to not have to balance in heels, but she realizes just how tight the twine is when she tries to sit. I tell her to straighten her legs to relieve the pressure just enough. I then bind her lower legs with the twine, before sitting a huge sponge on her lap. She wonders what that is for as I tie a length of twine into her hair. This is where Part 2 ends.

Ophelia K smiles nervously when presented with the giant yellow sponge. I set it in her lap for her to ponder for a short while, but soon it is completely stuffed and taped in her mouth. I then get busy making sure her arms are bound securely with more twine. Once that is done, it is floor time. I help her to the floor, where she is hogtied. This is where Part 3 ends.

I step away and leave Ophelia K to endure her stringent bondage and gag. After some time, I want a new view, so I roll her on her side. I walk away once again to admire my handy work. There is still something missing though… ahh nipple jewelry… All I have are clamps and they are shiny, so I go with that option. Ophelia endures her bondage and clamps for the remainder of the clip. I added a little behind the scenes footage of the gag coming out.

Ophelia K

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