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Babysitter spanks Sunny – Aaaspanking (Triple A Spanking)

Sunny has been grounded and sent to her bedroom even though it is still light outside, as it is a punishment after all. She is allowed no access to her phone, social media, TV, or anything equally distracting… so she has time to reflect on her poor behavior. Her parents also want to go out for the evening so have asked a reliable babysitter (Tiana Irie) to look after their “precious” little girl. She has permission to spank Sunny if she plays up, with bratting or breaking the rules. Sunny is bored and doesn’t behave, naturally… so Tiana feels she has no choice but to spank the brat in her room. This is no ordinary spanking as Sunny soon finds this embarrassing. Tiana only spanks girls on the bare cheeks and the PJ bottoms are soon removed, along with her panties as she is given a harder hand spanking over the babysitter seems to be doing the trick until Sunny misbehaves further. She has a surprise in-store for the brat… a hairbrush spanking! This really stings and the naughty girl yelps, squirms, and struggles to take her punishment. As Tiana is about to leave, Sunny answers back and is given yet another spanking on her already sore buttocks over the bed… finally the grounded brat learns her lesson and promises to be quiet and behave! This is a hot spanking punishment film between 2 amazing performers we love very much!

Sunny Days, Tiana Irie

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