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Bad Mommy – Kelly Payne Collection

Tables are turned open this mommy her daughter Lisa and Miss Kelly teach hear lesson she will never forget.

This time it is the opposite it is the Mother who needs to be spanked. Lisa is tired of taking care of her Mother who is lazy, irresponsible and selfish. Lisa is trying to get a job and pay the bills, while her Mother lays around all day getting high and sleeping. Lisa gave her Mother money for the phone bill 2 weeks ago, she was supposed to pay it. Today Lisa found out that because her Mother did not pay the phone bill she missed an important call for a job interview. This was the last straw Lisa asked me for my help and I think after we finished giving her mother just what she had coming, relentless bare bottom OTK hand spanking, strapping and paddling. We think things may be changing in her household.

Kelly Payne, Lisa, Monica

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