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Bedtime Stories – The Reed Family Spankings Part 1 – Universal Spanking and Punishments

Mackenzie Reed is the prettiest girl, she rarely gets into trouble, but when she does she knows darn well that her bare bottom will be taking a spanking. As of recent, Mackenzie’s Father has been putting her to bed rather early, and the early bed time coupled with stricter rules has shown promise as Mackenzie’s grades have been improving. Regularly, Mackenzie will ask for a bedtime story, they tend to help her relax and fall asleep better with good dreams too. However, Mackenzie’s Father informs her that she probably isn’t going to like the story that he has to tell on this night. It seems the story is all about a girl who was disobedient and keeps a naughty toy in her drawer, Mackenzie then knows the story is about her and that she’s going to get a spanking before bed!

The punishment starts out with Mackenzie on all fours in her adorable t-shirt and panties, taking firm smacks across her bottom. She obediently sticks her behind out, sure she doesn’t like to have to take spankings, but she respects that Daddy cares enough to give spankings. Her panties soon come down and her bottom is bare and clearly sore, ready for more discipline with the hand, and then she’ll take stinging swats from two leather paddles!

The final part of the punishment has Mackenzie laid out flat across the bed and ready for a bare bottom strapping! The reformatory strap is used first and it really burns Mackenzie’s little butt, and that is followed up by solid strokes of the leather belt. Mackenzie is sure to be sore for a day or two, and hopefully she learned her lesson, if not,…she’ll have to face even harder punishment in the future that’s sure to be even more embarrassing!

Mackenzie Reed

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