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Blaire’s Bedtime Spanking – Mommaspankings

Blaire has been spanked earlier in the day for being rude, disrespectful, and not doing chores. A spanking in the day always means a spanking at bedtime. Now it is Stepmom’s turn to take this naughty brat over her lap. It isn’t just going to be a hand spanking though. A hairbrush always teaches a longer-lasting lesson. Blaire is scared and waiting as she knows what is about to happen. After a good scolding, she is taken over the maternal lap for the long-awaited dreaded punishment. She is hand spanked over her pajamas, panties, and of course on the bare bottom… then comes time for the hairbrush, and to ensure she is thoroughly humiliated poor Blaire must present the implement and ask for it to be used across her sore bottom. This is one bedtime spanking that she won’t forget in a hurry.

Blaire, Miss Elizabeth

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