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Bounced Check, Spanked Bottom – Punishments Only

When Luci forgot to deposit cash she was given, a check she’d wrote bounced that otherwise wouldn’t have.

I take her into the living room, sit her down, and lecture her. Once I’m sure she understands why she has to be punished, I take her over my knee, pull down her pants, and get right down to the important task of spanking the daylights out of her. Then it’s Corner Time, as Luci has much reflection to undergo.

Luci is given plenty of time in the corner to think: all the opportunities she’d had to deposit the cash she needed to cover the check; how to develop a better system of handling basic but essential responsibilities; why she deserves the spanking she just got and the heavy swats with implements that she knows is coming next. (Of course, this corner time is sped up in the video, so you can witness her in corner time without suffering the same mundanity.) Then Luci is firmly instructed to leave the corner and lay down on the couch. She nervously complies.

25 with the leather strap. 10 with the heavy lexan (clear) paddle. 10 with the blue acrylic cane. 10 with the delrin cane. By the end, Luci is shaking and crying, but it’s not over. I sternly inform her that I’m going to drive the lesson home with a final hand spanking, which she humbly accepts. The tears flow as she obediently holds in place, her body all but limp in surrender as my crashes down on her throbbing, swollen bottom. Then it’s finally over, and I take her into my arms for much needed after care.

The final 4 minutes of the video is a slow motion montage, cut to be nonstop waves of impact on Luci’s poor bottom.

(Side note: this is the most Luci has ever cried in a video!)

Loren, Luci Lovett

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