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Broken Commandments & Sore Bottoms part 1 – Aaaspanking (Triple A Spanking)

This is the latest film from our popular Catholic Discipline series. Riley Haze and Misty Lovelace have been called out at Assembly and told to go wait in the room next to the School Chapel. As they are waiting there, they recognize some of the items placed on a table next to them as the things they had taken from the chapel. When Mr. Osborne walks in with a stern face, holding the school’s Reformatory Strap in his hand, they are in no uncertain doubt why they are there! He lectures them both on the fact that they have broken the last 3 commandments… Thou shall not steal, bear false witness and covet thy neighbors. These girls had even tried to blame others when it was obvious they had stolen the items in question. The girls are taken over his lap, one in front of the other as their bare bottoms are soundly spanked. In this catholic institution, God’s House is revered and their desecration of the chapel must be punished! After each girl is given a hard, stinging hand spanking… Riley, then Misty take their turn to lie on the pew as the leather Reformatory Strap is used without mercy. While the leather bites into their bouncing buttocks, they are further lectured on the last 3 Commandments they had broken. Both girls are very sorry tearful young ladies after their punishment, aware of how serious this incident was. They are left to contemplate their foolish behavior before going back to classes with very sore, aching bottoms.

John Osborne, Misty Lovelace, Riley Haze

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