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Brutal Wedgie Wrestling War: Lora vs Sasha – Lora Cross

Setting: In a cage

Models: Lora Cross and Sasha Barbie

Camera: Third person outside of the cage

Lora and Sasha and Salem all have a bone to pick with each other and they decide to settle their disagreements in the cage.

Lora doesn’t hold back at all as she flings Sasha to the ground after a test of strength. Lora pulls her hair and then goes straight for her pants and rips them right off of her. It doesn’t stop there! Lora flips her over and give her a massive hard wedgie.

This infuriates Sasha and Sasha retaliates taking the mount position and talking some nasty curses as Lora as she takes control. Sasha strips Lora of her pants and gives her a strong lift right from her underwear wedging them deep in Lora’s ass! “Can you feel that???”

The two get even more heated! They quickly face off and strip each other down to their bra and panties! Lora stops holding back and goes for a full lift of Sasha by her underwear using gravity to give Sasha the hardest wedgie of her life!

It doesn’t stop there as Lora’s rage continues she flings Sasha over her shoulder and carries her around the ring parading her and humiliating her as she cycles between spanking and wedgieing her helpless victim!

The scene ends as Lora throws Sasha to the ground as Sasha goes out completely from the impact. Lora says a few choice words about Sasha and exits the cage leaving Sasha’s lifeless body on the mats.

Lora Cross, Sasha Barbie

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