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Cadet Endurance Training with Bastinardo – Uk Cute Girl

As a military cadet in training, I have lots of training to complete before I can become fully qualified. I have completed numerous breath control tasks and scary challenges on Kinkysplash.com, some i have passed and some I failed. Today I am being tested on my endurance ability and pain management. Should I ever become cap,tured I must be resilient enough to with stand prisoner interrogations. I am in a really tight hogtie with my elbows strapped tightly together and hands firmly around my ankles making me arch upwards, a rope chest hardness and my even toes are tied together with string. Its painful before the training even begins. My instructor enters. He explains he will be caning my feet in this position to get an idea of my pain threshold. Once he has completed around 10 strikes with the cane across the soles of my feet he removes my sweaty socks to shove into my mouth. Thick clear tape is wrapped over my mouth around my head into a gag, then a blindfold is put over my eyes. Finally harsh clover clamps are administered to my nipples which hang over the edge of the table. I am told if I move or make any sound when he strikes my feet again, weights will be put onto the chain connected to my nipples! He strikes my feet 10 times HARD with the cane. Can you guess how many weights I end up having hung off my poor nips? It hurts like hell! Finally he puts a plastic bag over my head whilst I am in pain for some breath control training!

Lucy Lauren

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