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Caning for Credit Card Fraud part 1 – Aaaspanking (Triple A Spanking)

Gifted wildchild, Amy Fox, has been sent to a special reformatory institute by her parents (at great expense) so that she can stay out of “Juvy” and continue her education. However, the institute has harsh methods of correction if any of the girls fall foul of the strict rules. In this case, Amy has gone beyond that, as she has been caught “up to her old ways,” when she was discovered stealing credit card numbers… using them to make fraudulent online purchases. Her parents have given the principal, Miss Gregory, the means to carry out correction as she sees fit. Unfortunate Amy earns her first cold caning punishment for her serious infractions. Amy’s sassy attitude soon disappears when the reality of this discipline takes place with her bent over the table, bottom vulnerable and exposed. The first 12 strokes are carried out with her panties pulled up, making them wedgied and feeling uncomfortable. Then the remaining 12 (after yet more withering and harsh scolding from the principal) are carried out with them down. Poor Amy loses what little dignity is left as these final 12 strokes really drive the point home. This cane is one of the most fearsome Miss Gregory possesses; A straight, knotless, dense Dragon Cane nicknamed “The Bequeathed” as it is so precious! The caning punishment is calculated and methodical, designed to elicit the maximum emotional response to the painful consequences of receiving 24 strokes… cold, from this most feared implement! The results speak for themself… Amy’s poor bottom is welted and angry red from the top of her bottom in uniform lines all the way down to her sore, burning back of her thighs.

Amy Fox, Sarah Gregory

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