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Caning Punishment by Headmistress – Cheerleaderspankings

Standards must be maintained and Amy has misbehaved badly three times at the private school her parents pay so much for her education. The English Headmistress, Miss Matthews, reminds Amy that she has reached the Caning Punishment threshold for that week and she will thoroughly enjoy dishing out this discipline since she never has much cause to use her preferred method of correction. Brandishing and flexing the rattan rod, Miss Matthews orders Amy over the desk for the start of the caning punishment. What follows is a lengthy caning that leaves welts and sore red marks across Amy’s bare bottom as the camera captures every stroke and facial angle as Amy takes her punishment. Dressed in her green cheer uniform, Amy feels foolish and contrite by the end of her time with Miss Matthews, knowing that her behavior can not continue in this manner. She is one very sorry-looking girl, left to rub and soothe her bottom better after this ultimate punishment in Headmistress’ Office.

Amy Fox, Clara Hewitt

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