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Cara’s Cruel Basement Punishment – Sarahgregoryspanking

This is another in the series of “basement punishments” from the vindictive nurse, Miss Bernadette. She enjoys having her way with a naked Cara, treating her as a plaything. It was something Cara really wanted to participate in, with the result being an edgy film you will most definitely want to watch! Cara is kept in the basement of a sick and twisted Miss Bernadette, who likes to dress up as a nurse, having her way with young unassuming women. She can be nice if they take her punishments like a good girl or she can be really, really mean if they fight her and put up a fuss. They know that they are at her mercy, as is the case with the beautiful and helpless Cara Day. Cara is treated like a plaything to Nurse Bernadette. Some highlights of the various punishments; she gets lots of caning, and the hardest is on the fronts of her thighs. She also is forced to drink out of a pet dish if she is thirsty and when she doesn’t drink it fast enough the water is thrown on her If she she is still thirsty she must lick the water off the floor. Cara is strapped hard on her bottom and screams in pain. Her hair is pulled, she is face slapped, and her perky tits grabbed and slapped for fun. She has to thank Miss Bernadette for each strap stroke and ask for more. When she talks back, she is spat on, slapped some more and even has a hand held over her mouth so she can be reminded just who holds the power and control in this relationship. Bernadette ends this “fun” evening by hugging and kissing her little plaything saying what a great time she had and how she has so many more ideas for her! Remember, this film includes the following humiliating punishments: thigh, pussy, and tit slapping, leather strappings, mean canings, cruel pet play, predicament play, and face slappings which induce much embarrassment and compliance! Miss it at your peril!

Cara Day, Miss Bernadette

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