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Caught Red-Handed and Red-Bottomed “Just the Action” – Birchwood Academy

Dani breaks into a home with the intent of stealing a few things for some fast cash. The man of the house returns in time to catch her, though, leaving her with a choice between having the police called, or submitting to whatever discipline the man feels is appropriate. After she chooses to submit to the man’s wishes, he sets up a camera to record the girl’s facial expressions while he punishes her, a view which is then spaced out through this video. He starts by having her strip down to her naked flesh, making sure that his personal camera catches every moment of it. He then has the nude girl lay across his lap to begin her punishment with a lengthy spanking with the palm of his hand, only allowing her up when he’s ready to move her and the camera to new positions for the next segment of her ordeal. After a quick change of setup, he instructs the girl into a very awkward position, having her place her knees on either side of him while leaning forward until her elbows rest on the floor. In this uncomfortable and exposed position, he continues her punishment with further spanking, occasionally making light of the situation that she’s found herself in. As amusing as it is to have her in this wheelbarrow placement, he eventually has her stand for yet another change in position. He then has her move to her hands and knees on the couch, with her bottom raised up to present a suitable target. He then treats her to an experience that she wouldn’t likely have felt back in her British upbringing, taking off his belt for this stage of the spanking. After several minutes of leather colliding with her caramel flesh, he finally stops and rubs her bottom while giving her a chance to catch her breath before the final portion of her punishment. As they come up to the final portion of the girl’s punishment, he has her kneel facing the back of the couch with her bottom pushed out, while moving the camera once more to get a good shot of the girl’s face during this last ordeal. He then goes to his bedroom to retrieve a rather unique implement, a length of firehose that’s been cut short and given a handle. Despite its unorthodox design, she quickly learns that it’s a force to be reckoned with. When he finally feels that she has had a chance to learn her lesson, he tells her to remain in position while the camera watches her. He then leaves the room, putting away everything that she’d planned on taking. As soon as she’s out of his sight, though, she jumps at the chance to escape, running out of the house naked without even bothering to collect her clothes. As embarrassing as this mistake may be, though, it will be far more painful than embarrassing in the long run, as he finds her clothes where she left them, along with her identification. She will likely get a visit from him in the near future. This is the “just the action” version, in which all of the dialogue and action which doesn’t include spanking has been removed for the pleasure of viewers who want to get straight to the spanking without filler.

Danielle Hunt

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